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Photo by Jade Gotauco

"An artist is aware, through the eyes, mind, heart, and hand. You should look, think, feel, and produce. When all this comes together you are an artist. For this to happen, you must take action. You must paint."

-Kathy Kittell

Fortunate to be born in a small New England town, during the 50ís and 60ís, I was able to experience the quieter, simpler ways of life; to be alone, to dream, and look towards and into nature. I was always immersed in nature, beaches, fishing, and flora. I would see the sun dappling through the forest trees and know I needed to share it somehow. I learned to look into the world and not at it. I felt I needed to create what I saw.
I was always the only kid in the back seat of my fatherís old station wagon coming home from vacation, or anywhere else we had been, near or far. Awake, aware, and looking deep with my young and fresh eyes. The road trips with mom and Dad, and there were many, helped me to appreciate the infrastructure, automobiles and American gathering places, or what I call roadside delights. The visual love and symbolism of a slower, and simpler time, drives me to create these images with fervor; usually in oil, but other mediums as well. The subject matter is dear to me, but historical. Usually devoid of people, the paintings have sense of places and times throughout my personal history, as well as the rest of America.

The early passions of nature and American living is always stirring beneath my surface. Landscapes, flora, water- the miracles give me constant pleasure and force me to always look close and inevitably plan a painting. One of my favorite artists, Edward Hopper, once said, ďA nationís art is greatest when it most reflects the character of its people.Ē It is my purpose, as an artist, to reflect our world as Americans. To remind people of where we have been, and what we have now.

"I consider myself a colorist. You must try to look through a color to find another one.
Paint quality is a requirement. This is something you will understand by looking at my favorite California artists, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud. They have the California light."

-Kathy Kittell-

Kathy Kittell's studio is located in Don's Art Shop on Main Street in Warren, Rhode Island. If you are interested in setting an appointment with the artist or participating in a group class, please contact Kathy or visit www.DonsArtShop.com.

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